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Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays


Game HolidaysIts holiday time! Lets grab our laptops and head to the beach!

Its summer time! For the most part of the world at least! August arrived and millions of people leave their works behind, in order to have some free time on the beach, under the hot sun.

Some privileged ones (especially in compare to the world population) have the ability to move their work with them and work through their laptops. But is this a blessing or a curse ?

It is this time of the year when people are seeking a way to have internet where they will go, so they will be able to play their favorite online game. Sometimes, this seeking becomes a purpose and many things can be defined by this, like the destination or the duration.

It wasn't always like this though and this seems to be the latest (last 10 years, with every year getting more intense) fruits of technology. It is common to see someone with his laptop in the ship or the beach. How common it was some years ago?

Human age do not play a part in this story as everyone can have a special use for the internet and internet can be necessary to them for different reasons. The only real factor that does play a role here, is that the reasons do not any longer need to be serious.

It is not like you will not have to eat in the next month because your work will not procceed. It is not like your internet friends will cease talking to you if you will not speak to them for seven or fifteen days. It is not an actual reason, it is a mind reason.

The phrase, "since I can, why not" fits in this. After all, its not like you are doing something bad. You are just doing somethind different from vacations/holidays. At least, something different from what we used to call this.

-Panagiotis Bouranis

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