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Battle For Serios

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1.Moonstone RPG13
2.The Gangster Life9
3.Lords of War and Money2
4.Reign Of Blood 1
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3.Mythic Reign
5.Unleashed Fear
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March Winner: Supremacy 1914
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Supremacy 19145895

Supremacy 1914 is a free real time strategy game for up to 32 friends set in the world war I theme. You play on a real map and can move units around.
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Zorg Empire3200

Big enough to have a real community, small enough to still care. Take up the role of a space emperor, create a mighty empire with huge fleets of warships and conquer the universe! One of the best online browser games around.
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Premium Browser Game

Reign Of Blood 1896

A Free Vampire browser based rpg online game. Take the role of a vampire and compete against thousands of other vampires in this mmorpg.
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Mythic Reign1764

A free to play fantasy text based roleplaying game. Over 10 species to choose from.

Pirates Glory1730

Take up the role of a pirate or a merchant in the age of gunpowder. Build ships, travel between ports, trade resources and plunder other ships!

The Reincarnation938

Take up the role of a mage and compete against other in this old school strategy rpg browser game. Try to survive the great magewar.
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Tycoon Online704

Become a modern businessman. Produce goods in factories, sell them in shops or on the market, buy and sell stock, and more!
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Booty Master370

Online browser rpg game. Take up the role of a thief, customize your character and commit robberies. Hundreds of items to steal and trade. Unique crime system!
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Pimp Empires315

Online Mafia Game

Myths And Mortals309

Online browser RPG set in the mythical era of Gods. Become a hero of myths and battle for supremacy!

Premium Browser Game

11 The Lacuna Expanse301

The Lacuna Expanse is a region of space with millions of habitable worlds. Build your empire, fight off spies in a battle for cold war supremacy, search the expanse for lost ancient artifacts, and more.

12 Battle for Serios260

Create your galactic empire and wage the ultimate war. Can you be the one ?

13 Crimson Moon203

Free Online Vampire & Werewolf browser game playable on 3 separate servers each offering a unique playing experience. Tournaments, PvP, Creature Battles, Clans, Chats, Forums, Clan Battles and much much more!

14 Seduction City194

Seduction City is a sexually themed online Role Playing Game (RPG). This free Browser War Game is designed for adults.

15 Omerta130

Omerta is an online browser rpg game, set in the 1930s gangster and mafia world, free to play, with more than 2 million registered players, servers in more than 20 languages worldwide.
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16 Power-Mafia98

You always dream of being a mafieu? Create your family to visit the world or to steal people? Power-Mafia is there for you, quickly enter it in this particular world.

17 The World of Secfenia60

Online browser game RPG, a unique world with its own story. Free to play.

18 Aderan Wars 59

Build your own space empire and lead your nation to victory.

19 Knight's Honor43

Strategic medieval RolePlayGame. Be a knight and conquer the europe of the dark ages. Battles and turneys wait for you to join in the fight.

20 Samurai MMORPG39

Do you want to be a samurai or ninja in feudal japan?

Zorg Empire Browser Game

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