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Summer Love in Einherjar

Summer Love in Einherjar

Tokyo, Japan - 5 June 2013 - Summer is
coming and Appirits Inc. has just
announced a brand new Summer Love event
for players of their English turn-based
browser game Einherjar - The Viking's
Blood. From 5 to 12 June 2013 GMT+8, all
Einherjar players are suggested to join
the collecting of an in-game item to get
valuable gifts.

During the event's period, participants'
task is simply going through numerous
battles to collect Half Elf Love Ring, a
somewhat rare accessory, then exchange
them at the respective forum topic to a
variety of other in-game items. There is
no limit imposed on the times of
exchange so players should take their
time to carefully choose what they need
the most for their Viking warriors.

Appirits also notes that the forum
thread will be locked on the game's
weekly maintenance 12 June 14:00 GMT+8
for checking. And the distribution of
items will be completed within the next
day and announced properly.

Besides, to boost more love for
Einherjar warriors, Appirits has decided
to DOUBLE the summon rate of hero and
brave for both servers Gerhilde and
Brynhidlr. So this Summon Love event
gives players a good chance not only to
acquire useful items but also to recruit
powerful Viking units.

Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood
(http://www.ein-herjar.com/) is a
browser-based game combining smooth
turn-based tactic and RPG elements that
let you start as a Viking leader and
strengthen your Viking clan. You must
train your army through numerous battles
and master tactics for each type of map
to subjugate your opponents and forge a
vast empire!

- Free to play
- Browser based, no need to download or
set up clients
- Turn-based tactics with RPG elements
- Diversified character classes of
heroes and braves
- Powerful guild system which enable
players to gather for battles
- Unique colonial wars with valuable
- Sukumi relationship (Axe is strong
against Spear, Spear is strong against
Sword, Sword is strong against Axe)
- Lifelike aging of characters
(characters can die of old age)
- Marriage & birth
- Exceptional “cold sleep” function 

Appirits (formerly known as KBMJ) is a
corporation specialized in developing
Internet systems and services. Appirits
has participated in the web game market
since 2010 and is creating many new
games with nearly 11 years of experience
in the web industry.
Website: http://www.appirits.com/en/
Address: DAIKANYAMA CA Bldg. 1F, 2-20-3,
Tel: +81-3-6696-1207

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