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War of the Realm Launches to the Public!

War of the Realm Launches to the Public!

War of the Realm: http://www.WarOfTheRealm.com

Red Hawk Technology, LLC would like to officially announce the public launch of War of the Realm, an online, strategy board game. After a two month closed beta, War of the Realm is now available to the general public.

The game is free to play, and takes all the elements of a strategy board game that you would play on your tabletop at home and puts the gaming right into your browser (with no downloads required). Compete with others from around the world using strategy, diplomacy and military might to conquer the Realm.

War of the Realm launches with three totally unique boards and a number of gameplay variants, letting players customize their games in a number of ways. More board and variants will be added in the future, allowing for even greater customization.

The game can be played either in Live or Casual Modes. In Live Mode, players compete in real-time against one another until a victor is declared. Casual Mode lets players take their tu
s at their own pace, in a slower tu
-based setting. We will track everyone's performance from game to game, and rank players based on their results. Players may also set up private Playgroups, which allow them to create private games for themselves and friends and get private rankings against one another.

If you're a board game fan, we hope you'll visit the website and check out the game. You can find War of the Realm at:


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