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Darkfall Fees + Free Trial!

Darkfall Fees + Free Trial!

Darkfall online (Click on related game at the bottom to read details about the game) now offers a free 14day trial with no obligations!

No credit card is needed and this is of course a very good opportunity to try this game.

The fees after this are as follows:

You need to buy the game client, which also includes a month of game time. This costs almost $30.

The cost thereafter is $15 per month.

If you are a European citizen, the charges are in Euros. (30 Euros and 15 Euros)

The $15 monthly fee is recurring, which means it will be active till it is canceled.

Darkfall is only available for Europe and North America citizens.

System requirements for Darkfall are as follows:
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista
Processor: 2.5GHz Pentium 4, or equivalent
RAM: 1GB for Windows XP, 2GB for Windows Vista
Graphics Card: 128MB PixelShader 2.0 support
Hard Drive Space: 12 GB Free Space Minimum

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