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Which is the future of Online Browser Games?

Which is the future of Online Browser Games?


Future Online Browser GamesHave you ever wondered how browser games will be in the future ? Will they be as they are now ? How about your favorite game ?

Lets take the story from the beginning. Browser games exist for a long time. Perhaps just after the appearance of browsers but we really don't have any accurate information on when the first browser game was created or which was it.

What we certainly know is that all the games have gone through an envolvement. So did browser games. They evolved from full text mode to a more user friendly interface. They adopted technologies which made them more appealing to the mass. The server hardware was improved and got cheaper which allowed more flexibility to the game owners.

Ten years ago there were many text based browser games played by many people all over the world. It was such the nature of these games that it was difficult to upgrade them or adjust them to the new trends that new games kept bringing in. Such is roughly what happens nowadays as well; New games bring new things in which the old games have to expand in order to keep being antagonistic.

However, there is a new major element in the whole scene. Browser games seem to be finally able to generate profit. This sounded well to the retail game companies and they started to enter the scene as well. This is expected to change much to the world of online browser games as we know it now.

First of all, the main target of the so called big companies is profit. They come with their marketing departments in order to make sure that their effort will worth the coin.

Eidos interactive released football manager online, not long ago. It is a game much similar to the retail pc version which includes a lot of nifty effects to make it enjoyable in an online enviroment. There is a catch though; It is not free and it needs a monthly subscription which can be deemed very expensive for a browser game.

Eidos is not the only company who is active in the browser games market. There are currently many more and one big example is Ubisoft which for the last 1-2 years is creating heroes of might and magic online. For those who do not know, heroes of might and magic is a legendary pc game. Of course, the game fans, upon hearing the news, were very happy.

But there is always a counterpart. The truth is that there are already MANY heroes of might and magic clone games across the web. Here are some examples:
http://www.heroeswm.com/ - Heroes of War and Money
http://www.mythlands.com/ - Mythlands

Our point is not that these are better games; In contrary, Ubisoft may come with a great game. Our point is that the games above exist but the ubisoft one does not, yet it is more popular than the ones above. And here comes the great power of the big companies.

Ultimately, it may be the user who decides but advertising is always a powerful tool which most companies,game creators have not yet learned to use.

Of course, it is not our purpose to put every small game owner in the same category. After all there are a lot of other factors mixed, like the game bugdet.

In our opinion, the future of browser games is bright. The level of rivalry between game owners is now getting bolder and this can only lead to better fruits for the final user; the gamer.


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