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adult gamesAdult games; Most men have tried at least one. Is their market on the rise ? Are developers actively focused on creating new ones ?

Sex sells, this is something widely known. Based on this, marketing is moving in various fronts. From the magazines and tv, to the theatres and nightlife. Why games should be an exception ?

How many games use beautiful appearances in order to boost their sells ? Even popular retail games use the stunning image of a wonderfully crafted 3d model to attract the eyes at first and the person afterwards.

However, although it is pretty common to see marketing practices, you don't see very often adult games being released; especially if you focus in the retail games market. It is even more rare to find a succesful adult game. We can only think of Lula; The Wet Empire which appeared like 10 years ago and managed to combine a good scenario with humor and enjoyable cartoon graphics.

The majority of adult games are solo; it is hard to find multi player adult games and when you do so, most probably you will be left unsatisfied. We lately came across one; The game itself was based on the common scene of mafia online games. The major difference was the attention given to profiles as well as the freedom to the player to publicly express their desires. It was so terrible that we won't even mention the name.

About solo adult / nude games, things are different. First category are the 3d ones. There are many developers into this business; creating 3d models that do various things in the command of your mouse. There are even popular releases on these, such as Lula 3D, Singles, Playboy;The Mansion and many more, less popular which are mainly distributed through the web. You only have to google adult 3d games and you will get the picture.

The second category is about puzzles. This category can be very interesting as it mixes simple or advanced classic games with a hot reward; usually a woman strip or a naked picture. Common examples are strip poker games (many such games exist) or tetris or even more simple ones, such as simple math within a time limit. Here is an interesting link we found for you:

Third category is about interactive stories with real (video) graphics. The game has a story and it has scenes already taped. You basically have to choose the correct answers or click on key position to move the story forward. These games used to be very popular some years ago. Here is an interesting page that includes a top10 list:

Here are some related articles:
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Personally, I think that adult games can be a good alternative for someone, no matter his other activities. Of course they are not to feed on them but mostly for a one-play-per-month type.

We could host another article with some of your picks if you like. Just email your preferrance to my email -> <- (alongside with the game url if possible) and I will make sure to convince to publish it ;)

-Steve Mason

Pirates Browser Game

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