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Facebook GamesFacebook popularity keeps growing. More and more people join it and end up playing a lot of games served up there. How good these games are ?

Nearly everyone is aware of Facebook, most of you already have an account there. The rest will get an account there in the future or just refuse to join this trend.

One of the services Facebook offers, is games. There are many games served up there, some are very simple and some others are a bit more complex.

The number of the active players of these games is indeed impressive. The most popular game right now in Facebook, is said to be YoVille, which is claimed to have nearly 5.5 million active players!

This is a huge number, if you take in mind that the most popular game in the web today, World of Warcraft, boosts something more than 10 million active players.

This would automatically mean that YoVille or any other game in Facebook, which other games boost high numbers of active players as well, are interesting and fun games, at least.

If you have not played a game in Facebook before, let us get you into the general philosophy:

1.You join through a friend request sent to you.
2.You start playing by inviting all your friends, which generally give you more in-game bonuses.
3.At day 1 or day 2 or day 3 (depending how profficient you are with games) you already know the game 100%.
4.After some time, you get bored and desert ir OR you fuel your antagonism to the maximum and fight an endless battle to ranks domination.

Truth is that these games lack of any in-depth gameplay that will keep your mind working. After not long ago, you keep doing the same things, over and over again.

There are no real tricks to try, nor different tactics to adopt. There is usually one way and this is a Highway, which means this is the way everyone will follow.

These characteristics make these games a non-recommended at all but lets not be one sided only. These games do have something to offer.

Most of the time they have nice, cute graphics which can fill your time pleasantly for a few hours. The simplicity they offer is a killer for the long last but not everyone enjoy the in-depth gameplay we spoke of before; most of the time, people cannot understand it. So these games can be a good break for many people.

Lets not forget that these games power is also the close connection and reporting to all your friends.

Bottom of the line, don't feel embarassed if you have played endless hours these games. Everyone needs to kill their boredom with someway and they are not always aware of sites like in order to get an idea of more serious games...

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