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Five Fast Growing Browser Games

Five Fast Growing Browser Games


Popular Browser GamesFind here 5 fast growing browser games!

5 Fast Growing Browser Games will analyze this week 5 fast growing browser games in the last 3 months. We have search and analyzed all relevant data for you and here we present them.

Number 5)
               Reign Of Blood ( )
This vampire rpg game is accompanied by lots of effort from their developers which seems to be enough to keep it in a stable growth. You will find lots of players online to interact and if you also like the vampire theme, this is a good game to enroll in.

Number 4)
                Galactic Imperator ( )
A humoristic game based on the space theme. It records a stable growth lately and if the scary graphics are a reason to stay away, then the game mechanisms should be one to stay. Definitely worths a try.

Number 3)
                Dutch Omerta (
The Dutch version of the popular mafia game Omerta has been doing very good lately. This version of the game is not only different in terms of language but also in terms of game server. If you are a Netherlands speaker, perhaps you should try it out.

Number 2)
               Zorg Empire ( )
This online strategy space game has been growing with a very fast rate over the last 3 months. With at least 150 players online at any given time, this game promises high competition in a difficult to survive environment. If you have not tried it yet, then you should.

Number 1)
              Supremacy 1914 ( )
Although not a traditional browser game as it uses a java applet, Supremacy 1914 continues the good tradition of German companies in online games development. It is coming from a newly established company (Bytro Labs at ) and in little time it has managed to score a tremendous growth rate. If you like strategy games, you will sure enjoy this one.


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