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How to promote my browser game ?

How to promote my browser game ?


Promote your browser presents you with a list of popular ways to promote your browser game!

How to bring Players into your Browser Game ?
How I promote my browser game ?

This is a common question asked between game developers. The first interesting part of this question is that it never stops troubling any game developer. The second interesting part is that it does not have a single answer or even a limited list of answers.Every day, developers from all over the world think of new ways. We will just go straight ahead and give you some popular promotion solutions, in no particular order.

Top Lists - This is the best way to start. Find top lists and submit your game at them. is one of the best but sometimes one is not enough. It is an exceptional way to start while it will help keeping your advertisement budget low. You can find some toplists in the footer of our page or find more toplists here or some flash portals here (if you own a flash game, flash portals should suit you better). If you own a toplist, make sure you submit it in our directory!

Facebook - The level of Facebook integration varies. The easiest is to create a group and have your users join. You can keep them updated. This will help your retention rates while it will also bring you more players. If you want more, perhaps you can use Facebook login or even create an extension application of your game in the popular social network.

Twitter - Use Twitter to keep your users up to date. Also useful for game announcements instead of the traditional in-game or forums way.

Advertising Networks - Use advertisements to promote your game. This way is going to cost you money. Some ad networks to start is Google Adsense and Advertise your game

Banner Exchange - There are networks dedicated only to this, so you can join them or you can message directly game owners about it. For a worthwhile banner exchange, great role plays the game types that are involved. If you own a manager soccer game, for example, that requires the user to log in once per day, perhaps you could team up with a game that can keep the user occupied the whole day, such as a mafia game.

Referral System - Build a referral system and let your users find ways in how to enlarge your user count! Make sure to give proper attention to the potential problems that can be created from cheating.

Widgets - Another way that some browser games use is the use of widgets. Create small banners for example that display the rank of your players. They can later use them in foreign forums and bring more players to you.

More News - A lot of sites will provide free news coverage for your browser game. Why not utilize this ? OMGSPIDER for example will accept your news and publish them within 24hours (instantly if you are a regular poster). This is an excellent free promotion for your browser game that reaches to thousands of daily visitors.

Familiar Traffic - If you are a developer with no budget, promoting with your familiar faces can be a good start. Tell all your friends about your great game and ask them to tell theirs. This way you can get a good caring base for your game and expand from there. With their votes in toplists, your game will get new visitors no matter what.

Mini Games - Sometimes creating a mini game can make your main game a lot more popular. If for example you got an rpg game, you can create a mini character creation game where people will have fun playing around with character creation options. Facilitating connection for our example will be easy, as you can give the mini game visitors the option to enter your rpg with the character they just created.

Offer Truly free game - And rely on donations. Another good way to start. You can start charging once you become popular enough and not straight ahead. You will lose some people when you do so but in the meanwhile you will get a head start.

Local advertising - Do not underestimate the power of traditional local advertising. Especially by the time you have a localized language version of the game. An ad in your local newspaper or even better a banner in your college, can really skyrocket your visitors!

These were a few suggestions! Do you have a better one ?
Let us know by clicking here!

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