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Online games at a glance

Online games at a glance


Online GamesAn article which summarizes all you need to know about online game types

A lot of people may find this article useful. I will attempt here to summarize how online games are categorized in a way that will be helpful for you to pick your next game.

First of all, there are 2 big types; Those that you need a browser to play them and those that you need to download a program to play them (client games). It is important to underline that not all online games are multiplayer but we will focus on multiplayer games here.

Popular client games are usually 3D with great graphics, often called massively multiplayer games, such as World of Warcraft and GuildWars. However you can also find pure text client games, such as the Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) games which are among the first games to appear online. These are still scarcely played and you can find lists of such games at the Top Mud Sites, The mud connector and our mud games directory. If you want to try them, you may want to start with Shattered Kingdoms, a top rated MUD game with intense roleplay.

One category you definitely have played, are flash games. Flash games do not really require a browser to play, they are mostly standalone and the category is so big that can be considered as a game type itself. These are mostly single player games. You can find a lot of portals who offer flash games in our Flash games directory. Flash games are popular both for their simplicity to create and play. Few such games manage to become addictive.

The classic addictive games category for games are the classic browser games, often called PBBGs (Persistent browser games). These are games where the user usually needs login information to play and a game that is usually endless. These are highly dependant on the amount of players they got and you can find the best at www.omgspider.com and to the so-called Toplist which you can find in our MMORPG lists directory.

Let us not forget the latest trend of games who have been named as Social Games. These are not only dependant on amount of players but also on how social these players are as they constantly require the user to indirectly advertise the game to his/her friends in order to progress. Such games are offered by a series of platforms with Facebook being the current leader. You can find a few standalone social games at our social gaming directory.

All types share a big variety of categories. These define the gaming style and are generally discerned to Action, RPG, Strategy, simulation, sports etc. Another characteristic is the time type used, such as real time or turn-based.

If the above are still not enough for you to pick your next game, we also recommend on taking a look at our Games Directory. We have manually categorized all games in our databases there. You can always use our search, our engine only indexes games.

By Panagiotis Bouranis

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