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Best Browser Games in 2016

Best Browser Games in 2016


Best Browser GamesSo you are looking for browser games that still stand? We have a small list for you! You can tell one for each popular genre!

Best Browser Games for 2016

Browser games "industry" has taken a beating in recent years, as younger players tend to be attracted to different kind of games. Games that are not necessarily better but are surely easier to play. However, there are still quite many old school browser games that are REALLY worth playing. We have assembled a list of 6 games that are still going strong and that YOU should consider trying.

1.Pirates Glory

A complete online world that takes you back to the age of gunpowder. In-depth gameplay with long-term objectives are the key elements of this game. The game is so big that the interface simply cannot help enough. It is suitable for players of 30 years old or more. Players that want something to play daily that offers both roleplay and strategic options. The game will allow you to play multiple roles that can be achieves with different ways. A must try. Our first objective for you; beat the 100k fame mark!

Play for free now at http://www.piratesglory.com

2.Reign of Blood

We have a detailed review about this game which you can find here: http://www.omgspider.com/reviews.php?show=52

If you like Vampire games, then you got to try this one. The administration is very active, with constant developments and seem to really care for the game. This has to be one of the most important elements nowadays, when choosing which game to play. The game itself is very large and you will need days to explore it. New players are joining every day and they surely provide you with enough competition to keep you there.

Try it now at http://reignofblood.net/

3.Zorg Empire

A constant runner up of our top list all these years, Zorg Empire has proven to be a worthy game. A game that goes beyond the simple standards that are often set by similar games of its genre. The game is still going strong with 4 active universes, active forums, fast servers, active administration, bug free gaming and constant flow of new players.

If you are into the space strategy addiction, then Zorg Empire has to be your top choice. It is never late to join any universe.

If you want details first, we have a full review of the game here:

Join the Empire at http://www.zorgempire.org

4.Mythic Reign

If you are looking for a classic browser rpg to play, look no further. Mythic Reign is here to cover this desire. Like all the games of this list, the game has an active,loyal playerbase. The interface is above competition against any other classic browser game so you will find your way around easier.

Check the world of Mythic Reign here: http://mythicreign.com/

5.The Reincarnation

A truly classic browser game. One of the first to hit the ground with huge success. Back in the day, this game used to have thousands of active players and with good reason; addiction. Time has passed, people accessing the web got clueless and games like this one became extinct. This one however, still has an active playerbase that can provide you with all the competition you need, given that you manage to play the game. Don't expect to win though, just try to survive till the Armageddon day!

Try for survival here: http://www.the-reincarnation.com/


Omerta used to be one of the top games in OMGSPIDER.com back in the day. This is why it has a detailed game review which you can find here:

Nowadays, it still ranks around top 10 every month. Truth is, that if you are looking for a mafia/gangster browser game, then Omerta should be top in your list. It is one of the few games of the genre that still has a decent playerbase.

Try it now at: http://www.barafranca.com/?a=80

Pirates Browser Game

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