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About Online Browser Games

About Online Browser Games


Online Browser GamesA simple article about online browser games

So, what is an online browser game ?

Simply: The game is played over the Internet using only a web browser.

Basically, we speak about a very big category in which we can fit many different types of games. These games may be completely different from each other but they all share a common point: They can all be played through your browser.

This means your browser is the tool to play the game and nothing else can be used. Java applets, local clients which connect to a server, game applications that load outside the browser, do not fall in the category of online browser games.

Still, the meaning is very broad and tends to confuse lots of people. Lately, an individual proposed an additional way to name some of the online browser games. He proposed the use of PBBG (Persistent Browser Based Games). You can find more information about it by clicking on the link above.

Online Browser games are getting more and more popular lately and seem to attract the traditional retail game developers into the scene. The most popular examples are the ones of Eidos with Football Manager Online and of Ubisoft with Heroes of Might and Magic Online.


Pirates Browser Game

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