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"Soccer Viva Online" Purchases game poin

"Soccer Viva Online" Purchases game poin

Purchases game point from MOL

To All Managers:

MOLPoints is an online micropayment system developed and operated by MOL AccessPortal Sdn. Bhd. (MOL). This payment system enables consumers nationwide to purchase online games, products and services through any one of our 5 localized portals and pay for your purchases at over 540,000* physical, online and mobile channels in 73* countries worldwide.

How it work

1. Register to create a MOL Account ( Fill in information which is required)

2. Reload MOL points.
There are several ways to Reload MOLPoints into a MOL Member account.
Online or;
Physical outles or;
Online Banking.

3. Choose the product you want to purchase.

Steps of Top-Up

1. Please logon to the games login page, and then login to your game account.

2. Click on the “Top-up” button and you will see there are different types of top-up method.

3. After you have entered the top-up page, you could select the top-up method such as GCard, MyCard and Paypal.

- Once you have selected the top-up method, you need to enter the Card ID and serial number carefully.
- You could find out the exchange ratio between point and coupon.
- After you have confirmed the above information, click on the “Top-up” button and then the point will be exchanged to game coupon. After all, you could use these coupons in game.


※Please pay attention when you top-up your points. Confirm if the game account is a correct one or not. Once you have top-up your points, the transaction could not be cancelled
※You must top-up your points in the GC Web game using this GC web game platform.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

“Soccer Viva Online” reloadable via mycard also

“Soccer Viva Online” Online Report page:http://en.web.gamecyber.net/gcFaq/svo/contact.htm
“Soccer Viva Online” Official home page: http://svo.gamecyber.net/
“Soccer Viva Online” Facebook fan group: http://www.facebook.com/gc.svo

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