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“Carnival” betting rules description

“Carnival” betting rules description

“Carnival” betting rules description

To All Managers:

“Carnival” and the new server have
officially launched last week,
attracting many players. Some players,
however, suggest that the rules and
playing method of “Match Betting
Prediction” are unclear, so we now
provide the following information of
rules in details:

“Fierce Carnival” betting rules

1.1 betting odds vary according to the
actual bets of all participated gamers
1.2 bonus is based in terms of the odds
upon the betting deadline period but not
the ones during players’ betting. (The
odds are only for reference during
1.3 During closing, 5% of bonus will be
deducted as tax
1.4 In order for players’ bonus to be
greater than their bets, tax will not be
deducted when the odd is less than or
equal to 1.05.
1.5 Players can bet on different results
of the same match, and add bets to any
1.6 The minimum bet is 1 token and the
maximum bet for each match is 1000
1.7 Betting deadline will be adjusted to
30mins before match.
1.8 After the result is announced,
betting history and scores details can
be reviewed.

If you have any enquiries, please feel
free to contact us.

“Soccer Viva Online” reloadable via

“Soccer Viva Online” Online Report
“Soccer Viva Online” Official home page:
“Soccer Viva Online” Facebook fan group:

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