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Fun Pic Contest on Einherjar Fb

Fun Pic Contest on Einherjar Fb

Tokyo, Japan – Appirits, the Japanese
developer of Einherjar – The Viking’s
Blood has recently anncouned a Fun Pic
Contest for their players on their
Facebook page at http://on.fb.me/U6WNcc
from 12 to 19 September 2012 (SGT or

To enter this contest, players need to
download the pic first at
http://bit.ly/RJRZYb then create their
fun conversation for 2 characters in the
pic. After that, they can submit it to
the game’s admin via the “submit” button
in the application and start voting for
their favorites. The rule is that
players can vote for multiple entries
but can submit their pic only once.

After the end date (19 September), the
admin will choose 3 funniest pictures to
give their owners some gift codes to
exchange the following items.

- 1st place: 200 Power + 3 Orichalcon
Ore + 5 Ymir skin
- 2nd place: 150 Power + 2 Orichalcon
Ore + 5 Juton skin

- 3rd place: 100 Power + 1 Orichalcon
Ore + 5 Orge skin

In addition, participants can get
rewards by collecting votes for their
pictures. 3 players with the most votes
will win. So after submitting, players
should share their picture and ask for
voting from friends to assure their
chance of getting gift codes.

- 1st place: 150 Power + 3 Orichalcon
Ore + 5 Ymir skin

- 2nd place: 100 Power + 2 Orichalcon
Ore + 5 Juton skin

- 3rd place: 50 Power + 1 Orichalcon Ore
+ 5 Orge skin

And other participants will also receive
10 Power + 10k gold as an encouragement
for their efforts.

Please note that the results will be
announced on Friday 21 September and
gift codes will be distributed shortly
after that.


About Einherjar: Einherjar – The Viking’
s Blood (http://www.ein-herjar.com) is a
browser-based game combining smooth
-based tactic and RPG elements that
let players start as Viking leaders and
strengthen their Viking clans. Players
must train their armies through numerous
battles and master tactics for each type
of map to subjugate their opponents and
forge a vast Viking empire!

Website: www.ein-herjar.com

Facebook: facebook.com/eneinherjar

Twitter: twitter.com/einherjar2012

Google Plus: gplus.to/Einherjar

About Appirits:

Appirits (formerly known as KBMJ) is a
corporation specialized in developing
et systems and services. Appirits
has participated in the web game market
since 2010 and is creating many new
games with nearly 11 years of experience
in the web industry.

Website: http://www.appirits.com/en/

Address: DAIKANYAMA CA Bldg. 1F, 2-20-3,

Tel: +81-3-6696-1207

Contact info: Jimmy Tran
Appirits Games Marketing Division,
Appirits Inc.
Email: eneinherjar@appirits.com

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