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More Expedition for More Heroes in E

More Expedition for More Heroes in E

Tokyo, Japan – 19 September 2012 –
Appirits, the Japanese developer of
Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood has
recently announced a brand-new in-game
event called “More expedition, more
heroes” to give players another choice
of getting elite warriors from 19
September to 3 October 2012 (SGT or

During the said period, there will be 3
types of new materials created for
players’ expeditions. The first one is
Runestone, a raised stone with a runic
inscription. The second one is Summoning
Artifact, which will give its holder a
chance to summon mighty warriors. And
the last ones are names of some heroes
and braves who are powerful combatants
in Einherjar world: Romary, Galahad,
Elise, Daysie, Priscilla, Phaye, Egil,
Miriel, Feaglin, Caterina, Veronica,

The rule for this contest is as follows.
Players are required to collect all of
the materials above according to the
following recipe: 1 Runestone + 1
Summoning Artifact + 1 name of
After fulfilling the requirement, they
need to take a screenshot of their
inventory showing those materials and
post it at the event’s forum topic
http://forum.ein- to
claim their hero/brave. And those
warriors will be given to players during
the weekly maintenance on 3 October

And note that players can earn for
themselves all aforementioned
heroes/braves but only one hero/brave of
its type.
About Einherjar: Einherjar – The Viking’
s Blood ( is a
browser-based game combining smooth
turn-based tactic and RPG elements that
let players start as Viking leaders and
strengthen their Viking clans. Players
must train their armies through numerous
battles and master tactics for each type
of map to subjugate their opponents and
forge a vast Viking empire!
Google Plus:

About Appirits:
Appirits (formerly known as KBMJ) is a
corporation specialized in developing
Internet systems and services. Appirits
has participated in the web game market
since 2010 and is creating many new
games with nearly 11 years of experience
in the web industry.
Address: DAIKANYAMA CA Bldg. 1F, 2-20-3,
Tel: +81-3-6696-1207

Contact info: Jimmy Tran
Appirits Games Marketing Division,
Appirits Inc.

Read more: http://game-
Follow us: @einherjar2012 on Twitter |
eneinherjar on Facebook

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