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Quantum Rush: A New Video!

Quantum Rush: A New Video!

Quantum Rush: A New Video on the Ice Comet Track - GameArt Studio, developer of the future racer Quantum Rush: Champions today released a video on a brand new racing track.

This track is the second set in space playing on a gigantic comet covered with ice and snow. It will be available both in Quantum Rush Online and in Quantum Rush: Champions.

The ice comet track will be raceable only by higher tiers. For which ones exactly will be detailed as soon as the ice comet will be available to racing.

Link to the Video:

At present Quantum Rush Online is in open beta. To try out the game for free just register on, download the client and start the racing fun.

Should you prefer the offline-version Quantum Rush: Champions, please be a little patient as Quantum Rush: Champions has not yet been released.

The Quantum Rush team works towards getting Quantum Rush: Champions greenlit on Steam.

Please join our effort and vote for Quantum Rush: Champions on Steam Greenlight to bring the game to Steam.

Quantum Rush: Champions – Greenlightbanner:

All graphics and artwork regarding this press release are available through this link:


NEW: Quantum Rush official trailer:

LOGO „Quantum Rush:Champions“
Press kit Quantum Rush:

Quantum Rush page:

Quantum Rush: Champions on Kickstarter:

Quantum Rush: Champions on Steam Greenlight:

Quantum Rush Steam group:

Quantum Rush on Facebook:

GameArt Studio Youtube channel:

Quantum Rush blog:

Quantum Rush on Twitter:

Quantum Rush on google+:

About GameArt Studio:

GameArt Studio GmbH was founded 2006 in Berlin and quickly advanced to one of the most innovative developers and publishers of online games.

All games of GameArt Studio are multiplayer online games, so players from all over the world can play with each other. Besides that, all games are free2play games, which means they can be played at no cost.

With its four games "Holy War", "Tagoria", "A.I. War" and "Glory Wars", all published in 11 languages, GameArt Studio thrills and fascinates a worldwide community.


Contact and further information:
GameArt Studio GmbH
Bismarckstraße 107
10625 Berlin
Email: or



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