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New Video of Quantum Rush: Champions

New Video of Quantum Rush: Champions

A few days ago Quantum Rush: Champions, the single player version of the online future racer Quantum Rush was published in Early Access on Steam. Today, GameArt Studio, the Berlin based developer published a new video that allows insights into the various properties of the different racers.

In Quantum Rush: Champions there are three different manufacturers building racers and each of them builds racers in his own particular way.

The manufacturer Ion Energy Systems is leader in energy technology as he builds racers with the best shields. The second manufacturer Nitroid Racing has the fastest racers in their programme of products, however, these racers have the tendency to overheat or explode quickly. The third manufacturer is Nanofabric Motorworks. Racers built by this manufacturer are very solid and easy to steer.

The video published today ( presents the tier 1 racers (the racers of the first league), Auriga, Kite and Clipper, of all three manufacturers and explains their strengths, weaknesses and particularities.

The difference between the racers is, next to the various challenges and game modes, one of the reasons which make the playing experience in Quantum Rush: Champions so exciting and entertaining. Those who wish to attain top results in their campaigns should study the table of properties for each racer published on the steam page or on the official blog.

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