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Get Strategy For League of Angels

Get Strategy For League of Angels

As a player, especially the heroes of
League of angels, you must have many
attractive stories and amazing
experience to be shared with us and
other players.
Come on, share your stories in League of
Angels or your character experience,
just like vanquishing enemies,
discovering treasures, taming beasts or
glorious arena battles anything League
of Angles related!

Duration: 2014.12.16-2014.12.31


1. Minimum of 50 words. The subject
matter is entirely up to the player, as
long as the story deals with League of

2. Must be original work made by

3. Please leave your server and
character name, so we can send you
rewards after this event finished.


Participation Reward:
Basic Energy Card(50) *1, Tarot Flip
Card(5) *3,Blessed Stone *50, Seraph\\\'s
Stone *50,Soul Stone *100,Refining

We\\\'ll choose 3 excellent raiders or
stories, these 5 users can obtain:
3000 Diamond Basic Energy Card(50) *2,
Tarot Flip Card(5) *10, Blessed Stone
*100, Seraph\\\'s Stone *100, Soul Stone
*500,Refining Stone*500

It is time to show your raiders now!
Rewards are ready for you!
The rewards code will be sent to your
game mailbox after this events finished.

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