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Conquest Halloween Event

Conquest Halloween Event

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Conquest Surprises Players with Cute
Chinese Zombies in Its Halloween Event
All players will receive surprising gifts
by engaging in the game\'s Halloween

Chengdu, China - Oct. 31, 2016 - Lila™
Conquest, an adorable strategy game where
you take over the world, one village at a
time, surprises players with cute Chinese
zombies in this Halloween festival.
Seriously? These little zombies destroy
villages. It’s time to unite and fight at

Lil’ Conquest’s Halloween event comes
with the invasion of Chinese zombies.
Players will have to unite all members in
their alliance to beat off zombies and
protect their village from aggression.
Different from scary weste
zombies, the
Chinese zombies are poisonous but pretty
cute as innocent angels at the first
glance. It’s hard for players to believe
that most armies died in seconds before
the second round started when resisting
zombies of the lowest level.

These zombies are of different levels,
ranging from the weakest zombies of zero
star to the strongest zombies of five
stars. Each level includes ten waves of
zombies for players to defeat. Top five
alliances that fight off the most waves of
zombies will win up to 2 million coins,
400 blue diamonds, 200 sweep tickets and
more SP. Those alliance leaders will
recieve an additional 777 blue diamonds as
a reward for their success. The event will
last three days from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2.
Players only have three chances to fight
the zombies each day during the event. It
seems not easy but will be exciting
experiences for players to combat.

Resisting zombies is not the only thing
prepared for players in this Halloween.
Players will enjoy some free gifts for
every day play during the Halloween week.
For players who want to buy red
diamonds(in-game currency), Halloween
would be the best time to recharge for
extra items.

Please visit Lil’ Conquest forum to check
more events details:

If you want to have a look of the cute
Chinese Zombies, please watch our
Halloween video

Follow Lil’ Conquest on social media to
· Facebook:
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· Youtube: https://youtu.be/fTrCGPfNMYI

Play Lil\\\' Conquest directly on facebook:

Media kits for the game are on demand by
emailing us at press@loygame.com.
Reviewers can also receive special gift
packs for review and prize packs for your

About Lil’ Conquest
Lil’ Conquest is a free browser-based
business simulation and war-themed
strategy game that enables players to
build their village, by establishing a
productive empire, but also set up armies
to conquer the world by recruiting the
world’s bravest heroes and units of
ancient and mode

Players can enjoy the fun of perfectly
utilizing their land to maximize income
and tactically boosting more than 65
heroes and units to conquer the world.

LOYGAME is a global browser game publisher
that provides legendary games that satisfy
the needs of players all over the world.
Since starting in 2014, we have clung to
the high standards players have requested
in their games and only offer free to play
games of the high-quality for each genre.
Whether a player is interested in MMOs,
RPGs, RTS, or FPS, LOYGAME is committed to
our customers need to scratch their gaming
itch online.

Visit LOYGAME at http://www.loygame.com
today and play all our games for free.

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