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Funding for Indie Developers

Funding for Indie Developers

The second Nexon iNitiative seeks to
find next generation of indie game

Nexon America is kicking off the second
round of the Nexon iNitiative, a million
dollar program designed with the intent
to seek out the most promising
independent video game projects and
provide funding to support the next
generation of game developers from
around the world.

Nexon is now accepting submissions
through April 30, 2011 at the official
Nexon iNitiative website:

The Nexon iNitiative will award game
developers a share of $1 million in
development funds for projects that
align with Nexons focus on community
building and long-term user engagement.

The first Nexon iNitiative was launched
in March 2010. Canadian developer Antic
Entertainment and Polish developer
one2tribe were two Nexon iNitiative
recipients chosen from a pool of more
than 100 candidates in 2010, and each
ed a share of more than $1 million
in development funding. Both companies
are currently creating online game
projects that will be co-developed and
published through Nexons global
distribution network, which currently
services 30 games in more than 71

The Nexon iNitiative has been a source
of inspiration for Nexon in that its
provided us with the creative incentive
to expand to platforms outside of the
PC, said Won Il Sue, Nexon Americas vice
president of business development. We
anticipate competing in the social
gaming space and other platforms, thanks
largely in part to innovative game
developers discovered through the Nexon
iNitiative. By combining our decade of
experience perfecting the
microtransaction business model with the
expertise of the game developers were
funding, we anticipate that the results
will be an evolved, innovative and more
engaging social games.

Through the Nexon iNitiative, Nexon is
looking for potential games that have
wide-ranging audience appeal and which
encourage community and social
interaction. Flash, client-based games
or ports from other platforms are all
welcome submissions. Games with strong
online and multi platform elements will
get serious consideration, as will game
concepts that align with Nexons goals.

For complete submission rules and more
information about the Nexon iNitiative,

About Nexon America, Inc.
Nexon America Inc. is the North American
publishing arm of Nexon Group, a pioneer
of interactive entertainment software
and the world's leader in massively
multiplayer online games. Based in Los
Angeles, Nexon America was founded in
2005 to bring the best of online
entertainment to the North American
audience. The company's growing library
of titles includes the world famous
franchise MapleStory; the new fantasy
life of Mabinogi; the fast-paced, first-
person shooter Combat Arms; the action-
adventure RPG Dungeon Fighter Online;
the online, arcade-style multiplayer,
hyper-puzzle action game PopTag!; and
the recently launched physics-based
action online game, Vindictus. The
foundation of all Nexon America titles
is the item selling business model, in
which users access the full game for
free and can later opt to pay for game

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