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Soccer Viva Online - The New Star Manager Event

Soccer Viva Online - The New Star Manager Event

The New Star Manager Event


To all managers,

Soccer Viva Online” will launch “The New Star Manager Event” to show appreciation and thanks to all of the players who supported it so much. Let’s upgraded your own formation to face the harder incoming challenges! Whoever joins our event in “Soccer Viva Online” facebook fans page will be entitled to get a soccer card randomly. Grap the opportunity and start your glorious career right now!

为答谢各玩家对《Soccer Viva Online》游戏的支持,官方特意为一众新加入的足球经理人,送上精选球星作为奖励,为你们的球队增强阵容,迎接未来更多挑战!玩家只需进入《Soccer Viva Online》facebook粉丝页,即有机会随机获得球星,当中包含不少「橙卡球星」的喔!大家就要把握机会,开创你的足球事业!

Event Period : Start From 2012.03.01 ( This limited-number offer is only available while stock lasts. )
活动日期: 2012.03.01 开始 ( 活动礼品送完即止 )

Event Rules:

Players login to “Soccer Viva Online” facebook, press the name of event on left hand side, than you can see a “Get Award” button. Press it, and get a set of item code.

※GameCyber facebook:http://www.facebook.com/gc.svo
※Reward Redeem : http://en.web.gamecyber.net/gcFaq/svo/gift.htm


玩家只要登入《Soccer Viva Online》facebook粉丝页,然后按下左手方的「活动名称」,即可于页面内看到「领取虚宝」的按钮。完成后,玩家将会获得活动序号一组。

※GameCyber facebook 页面:http://www.facebook.com/gc.svo

Event Prizes: Random Soccer card x 1
活动奖品: 随机球员卡牌1张

Teams & conditions:

1.In the event of any disputes, the decision of the Organizer shall be final and binding.
2.Each Soccer Viva Online account / Soccer Viva Online ID is eligible to win 1 prize only.
3.The reward, which will stay as it is, not exchangeable for cash / GC Points and is not transferable.
4.GameCyber Technology Limited will not be held responsible, should anything happens to the prizes once it’s handed over to the winner.
5.Should the players have missed the event, event will proceed as scheduled, and no extended period will be awarded.
6.GameCyber Technology Limited reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

《Soccer Viva Online》Online Report page: http://en.web.gamecyber.net/gcFaq/svo/contact.htm
《Soccer Viva Online》 Official home page: http://svo.gamecyber.net/
《Soccer Viva Online》 Facebook fan group: http://www.facebook.com/gc.svo

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