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Holy War: The Shoutbox Quiz!

Holy War: The Shoutbox Quiz!

New Feature for Medieval Web Game Holy War: The Shoutbox Quiz!

As of now, players of Holy War stand to gain a lot more from simply keeping an eye on the Shoutbox (the Shoutbox is the in-game chatroom, where all players can communicate with each other)!

As well as banterous conversations with fellow gamers and getting to know new people, players now also stand the chance of winning a bunch of great prizes up for grabs by answering our exhilarating quiz questions!

After the web game developers at GameArt Studio made the Shoutbox free for all players last year, the Shoutbox Quiz – or SB Quiz for short – is also open to anyone and everyone.

From now on, there will be between 1 and 3 quiz questions about Holy War put to the players at irregular intervals (several times per week), between Monday and Friday. Any player can take part, and the first player to answer correctly can expect to win a prize in the form of a gold reward corresponding to their user level.

If you're a real gambler at heart, however, you may want to try your luck on the Wheel of Fortune. As the wheel spins, your fate rests entirely in the hands of the gods of fortune: will you win a fantastic prize, or will you fall victim to a nasty surprise?

All Holy War fans therefore have some thrilling times in the Shoutbox to look forward to.
We wish you all the best of luck with the new Shoutbox Quiz feature!

About GameArt Studio:
GameArt Studio GmbH was founded in 2006 in Berlin and has rapidly grown to become one of the most innovative developers and producers of so-called web games. Web games are computer games through which real players can play with and against each other over the inte
et. They can be played for free on any inte
et browser, with no software installation or downloads required. With their four games „Holy War“, „Tagoria“, „A.I. War“ und „Glory Wars“, GameArt Studio already entertain over 5 million players worldwide.

Contact und further Information:
GameArt Studio GmbH
Bismarckstraße 107
10625 Berlin

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