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《Soccer Viva Online》A New Start with Fantastic Events

《Soccer Viva Online》A New Start with Fantastic Events

A New Start with Fantastic Events


A sequence of exciting events in “Soccer Viva Online” is now coming for you to embrace a new start in May!

We believe all of you should be quite familiar with the gaming activities we provided for you, if you keep checking our official web site. Although the events have not started yet, our production team has been preparing and modifying the new gaming system, in order to provide users a new version of “Soccer Viva Online” with extensive novel features.
相信各位留意官网的朋友,都应该知道我们准备了一系列的游戏活动让各位玩家参加,虽然有关活动尚未开始,不过营运团队亦不敢松懈,现正密锣紧鼓地为大家准备新的系统,保证全新版本的“Soccer Viva Online” 会为大家带来新冲击。

Before the launching of the new version, we will provide you the basic information regarding the events held this month, letting you feel the fun and excitement brought by soccer competitions.

Happy Hours

We have a great news for all newcomers, as we are now giving out useful items to you!

MyCard Special Top-up Promotions
MyCard 独家储值优惠

MyCard noble reward!! Special Soccer Card Release Soon!! By Purchasing MyCard Points from NetCoffee, Game Shop, or Convenience stores, you can get some freebie and have a chance to win the “Orange Card+3″.
MyCard 尊贵奖赏!!特别球员大放送!!由活动开始日计算,玩家于网吧、游戏店、或便利店购买MyCard,你就可以得到一些小礼物.与此同时,你也有机会嬴取「+3橙卡」等尊贵物品。

Wild Betting on Soccer match

Soccer betting should not be a strange subject to all die-hard soccer fans. In every single match, all of you should have a favored team you support, and whenever your supporting team scores, you can always feel the pleasure and excitement, and may even shed tears of joy. Don’t you want to feel it again? Let’s pick your favoring team, and we will give out unique gaming items.

*For more event details, please look out the official news of this month

We genuinely appreciate your support and enthusiasm, and we will persist in designing more fabulous activities for our loyal users. Please stay with us for further news and updates.
感谢各位对 ”Soccer Viva Online” 的支持与期望,我们将会努力迈步向前。我们会继续为大家提供任何最新的游戏消息,敬请关注。

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

《Soccer Viva Online》reloadable visa mycard
《Soccer Viva Online》此游戏适用MyCard

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《Soccer Viva Online》 Official home page:
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