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《Soccer Viva Online》MyCard Special Top-up Promotions

《Soccer Viva Online》MyCard Special Top-up Promotions

“Soccer Viva Online” MyCard Special Top-up Promotions

MyCard 独家储值优惠

MyCard noble reward!! Special Soccer Card Release Now!! By Purchasing MyCard Points from NetCoffee, Game Shop, or Convenience stores, you can get some freebie and have a chance to win the “Orange Card+3″.
MyCard 尊贵变赏!!特别球员大放送!!由即日起,玩家于网吧、游戏店、或便利店购买MyCard,你就可以得到一些小礼物.与此同时,你也有机会嬴取「+3橙卡」等尊贵物品。

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Event Period :Start from 10/05/2012 (17:00pm GMT+8) to 11/06/2012 (10:00am GMT+8)
活动日期:2012.05.10 (17:00pm GMT+8)开始 至 2012.06.11 (10:00am GMT+8)

Event Rules:Purchase MyCard Points form NetCoffee, Game Chop or Convenience store, and Top-up to “Soccer Viva Online”, you can get noble reward.
活动方式:玩家于指定地点/经销商购买MyCard点数,并把有关点数储值于”Soccer Viva Online”,即可领取珍贵虚宝。

Event Prizes:

1. MyCard 150 Points Top-up 150 coupon
Reward: Note Printing Machine(7 days) *1
1. MyCard 150点储值获得 150 coupon
送 Note Printing Machine(7 days) *1

2. MyCard 450 Points Top-up 450 coupon
Reward: Blessing(24Hours) *1+ Note Printing Machine(7 days) *1
2. MyCard 450点储值获得 450 coupon
送 Blessing(24Hours) *1 + Note Printing Machine(7 days) *1

3. MyCard 1000 Points Top-up 1000 coupon
Reward: Great Blessing(7 days)*1 + Note Printing Machine(7 days) *1
+ Orange Card+1 ~ +3 *2 [randomly]
3. MyCard 1000点储值获得 1000 coupon
送 Great Blessing(7 days)*1 + Note Printing Machine(7 days) *1
+ Orange Card+1 ~ +3 *2 [randomly]


Collect Method:

1. Log into《Soccer Viva Online》:
1. 登入「Soccer Viva Online」:
2. Select your server then stored “MyCard Game Points” to 《Soccer Viva Online》
2. 选择游戏服务器,并储值「Mycard 点数」。
After finishing the above steps, the prize will drop into your Temporary Bag.
完成以上步骤,有关奖励便会发送到「Temporary Bag」。

Event link:

Teams & conditions:

1. In the event of any disputes, the decision of the Organizer shall be final and binding.
2. The reward, which will stay as it is, not exchangeable for cash / GC Points and is not transferable.
3. GameCyber Technology Limited will not be held responsible, should anything happens to the prizes once it’s handed over to the winner.
4. Should the players have missed the event, event will proceed as scheduled, and no extended period will be awarded.
5. GameCyber Technology Limited reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

《Soccer Viva Online》reloadable visa mycard
《Soccer Viva Online》此游戏适用MyCard

《Soccer Viva Online》Online Report page:
《Soccer Viva Online》 Official home page:
《Soccer Viva Online》 Facebook fan group:

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