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[Soccer Viva]OB gets started! Let”s join

[Soccer Viva]OB gets started! Let”s join

OB gets started! Let”s join “fantasy”
To All Managers:
The masterpiece “Soccer Viva Online” has
received a number of international
awards among the Asian online game
market. “Soccer Viva Online” OB will
launch on June, 2012. In these days, our
production team has been refining the
newest version, to provide gamers new
features and solve the problem of over-
loading. A new server “FANTASY” is also
This brand new “Carnival” system
features the most unique and exciting
gaming style, providing players a whole
lot of “Gold” and “Prizes” and the
chance to win “Legend Stars”. This is
the soccer party that you should not
miss every single day!
To participate in “Carnival” is really
simple: just click on the link labeled
as “Carnival” on the top right corner of
the user interface, and then it’s done!
However, please keep in mind that
sufficient coins are required for
joining the “Carnival”. Players can use
the function “Exchange” in the user
interface to exchange “Coupon”, “Gold”,
“Equip”, “Orange Card” or other items
for “Coin” at different exchange rates.
“Lucky Spin” – Wish You All Luck!
You need 18 coins to spin the “Lucky
Spin”, and by doing so, players will
have an opportunity to acquire various
prizes including “Auction Item”,
“Upgraded Purple/ Orange Card”, and even
“Legend Card”! It is no big deal if you
cannot win the prize, since the player
of each month who accumulates the
highest amount of “Orz” will get a
“Legend Card” as well as an “Upgraded
Special Card“! More bonus prizes will
also be rewarded according to further
event update.
“Match Betting Prediction” – Show Your
In “Soccer Viva Online”, the matches
provided in “Match Betting Prediction”
are selected daily from real-life
international matches such as the
English Premier League. Our system
provides you with the simplest way of
betting, so that you will not have any
trouble getting used to this game.
Players can predict the results of
matches by using “Coins” in betting.
This game is particularly pertinent to
those who have insights and are
ambitious of earning more “Coins”!
Note:Prizes will be distributed within
3 days upon the completion of matches.
You must be craving for engaging in this
exciting and joyful “Carnival”! Our goal
of designing this dynamic gaming setting
is to get you involved in a party-like
atmosphere. Click on the next page for
more information about the “Carnival”
“Carnival” system Detail information:
If you have any enquiries, please feel
free to contact us.
“Soccer Viva Online” reloadable via
“Soccer Viva Online” Online Report
“Soccer Viva Online” Official home page:
“Soccer Viva Online” Facebook fan group:

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