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Booty Master review
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Booty Master Review

Game Name: Booty Master
Client Type: Browser
Genre: Online Mafia RPG
Time: Turn Based
Learning Curve: 4-7 Days
Price: Free to play

Booty Master is a role playing game where the player takes up the role of a thief. You start as a simple citizen of... Bootyland who lives in... Mastercity!

"So now you are left with $500 that you just got as a refund for getting fired in you last job! With no properties in your name and no relatives to care about, it is time to make decisions about your future..."

What kind of decisions? Well, perhaps it's time to adopt the culture of Bootyland citizens and start robbing everyone.

Every player gets to choose a specialty (3 total; lvl 1, lvl10 and lvl20 you are prompted to pick one). Specialties are the main characteristic of your... thief. Depending on the specialty you choose, your character will be able to perform accordingly. There are 10 specialties to choose from, with specialties like Locks, Computers, Explosives, Weapons etc. Once you get to pick your specialty, you will have to train the skills you got. Once you are set, you are ready to start doing crimes.

Small part of your main screen

Crimes here are significantly different from anything else you have tried before. We speak of crime-quizzes. Each crime is a unique situation and needs its own solution... but there can be more than one solution each time.
During crime setup, you get to choose how to conduct the crime; you first get to choose a weapon, armor and up to 2 items you want to carry along. If you think more help is needed, you can hire a mobster and have him come along. Mobsters can carry their own equipment.

Of course your specialty will play key role to the crime result. If you try to hack into your neighbors pc without knowing anything about computers (you or your mobster!) you will definitely fail. The right equipment can also be important; you will need some set of pick lock tools before you attempt to open a safe.

All in all crimes can get from easy to really difficult but every crime result is not the same. As the developers claim; It is not enough to be successful in a crime, you got to do it better than the rest as well.

Crime Selection Screen

The crimes have great variety; There are simple crimes (ie sell illegal dvds), there are gang crimes where you have to cooperate with your friends and there are quest - like crimes, where you will need items obtained through other crimes in order to complete them. For example, in order to Rob an ATM, you will first need a pin list & an atm card. For the pin list you got to hack your neighbor˘s pc and get the list while for the atm card you should look for someone leaving after an atm transaction, assault him and run away with the card.

Items you use in crimes are many; there are tools, vehicles, crime items, weapons, armors etc. All these are needed in order to carry out crimes. You obtain these items either through crimes, or through Black Market or through players market.

The heart of this game is crimes, which can get real hard on some occasions. But there is always someone to help you: The snitch. Either you are looking to do a hard crime or to obtain information on how to rob some other player, the snitch (with the right price) will aid you.

But there is more; Robbing is good but you also got to defend against rob attacks from other players. This is where house defense takes part. You will have to defend your cash and your valuable items as some of them are unique. So there comes an extra challenge; It is not enough to do the best crimes, you must also protect your earnings.

All your actions are defined by primary & secondary attributes which help in making each character a unique entity. The game also offers micromanagement in financial terms as there are mobster wages and cuts to pay, market fees, job income (yes, you can have a real job too), house bills etc.

Searching for a mobster

The game is turn based. You get 7 turns per DAY (there is a daily update) and you get them all at once to spend as you like. Turns are used in order to conduct crimes, train and improve secondary attributes (optional as you can use experience or cash for this too).

Although the 7 turns may seem FEW in the beginning, they are more than enough as game progresses. However this does not change the fact that Booty Master is a slow paced game and thus more suitable for players that do not want to spend their whole day above the game.

Developers lately installed a new feature that aims to increase interest between updates and this feature has to do with horses. Players are able to acquire important items through crimes which can later use in order to build breederies and training grounds.

They can later feed the horses, give the correct medication to them, train them (various plans to choose from) and ultimately lead them into race (or sell them to the players market). Then there are real races taking place (based in real attributes) where everyone can place a bet. It is a unique, addicting, feature.
Booty Master has some other things to keep you interested, like getting into gangs, spying, trading, searching the best mobster in a changing availability list, extended statistics and much more. Especially regarding gangs there seems to be much diplomacy and plot around every action they make.

Its graphics are cartoon-based and if you exclude the nicely crafted menu which is very helpful, the rest of the game is mostly text based with some images which try to give the pulse of each page; nothing special, nothing bad.

Part of the neat menu system

Regarding paid options, Booty Master offers supporter subscription which adds virtually no direct advantage to the paying players. What supporters get, is a better navigation menu, no ads, more statistics and some more helpful things.

All in all Booty Master is an interesting game, with an ongoing rpg story (they even have Bootyland History written), in-depth gameplay and a nicely growing community. There are a lot of people above 20 years of age while there can be spotted many girls playing the game. Still, males are more.

If you haven't tried it yet, perhaps now should be the time.

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