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Travian review
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Travian Review

Travian is a game which takes place in the ancient world. There are three tribes for you to pick: Gauls, Romans and Teutons.

The story itself looks very hopeful as you are given the opportunity to grow a village. Build village improvements and raise army units such as Legionnaires, Spearmen or Paladins.

In the beginning, everything is simple and limited. You slowly upgrade your mines to get more iron, your farms to get more food, your woodcutters in order to get more wood and your clay pits in order to get more clay. These resources are used to also improve your village.

You can build a warehouse to store your goods, a barracks to train troops, a market to trade goods and so on.

Usually, after the third day, the protection of most players around you, you included, is over. This means it is time for some pillaging. No rest for the wicked! Go get that booty your wealthy village has. Pose to all neighbors the might of your soldiers and carry the word of your victory!

And everything goes well till some other BIG village comes and devastates your own... Then suddenly you are on the defensive... trying to save what you still can... striking story, isnąt it ?

The whole game is based on real time. When you order to build something, it will usually need 30-60 minutes real time. Once this is over, then you can build something else. This is what makes most players spending their whole time before the pc, waiting for the building to end, like as if they donąt have anything better to do than wait when these little gauls will finish their long-lasting dinner to get to work and finish eventually that building.

The best players are usually the no-life players. Even if you are an experienced player in this genre, even if you have excelled in strategies in this kind, even if you finished #1 in some older Travian set.. all these do not matter if you do not have a handful of hours to spend in front of the screen and 2 other people to look after your villages while you... sleep.

The plot thickens though.. whats worst of competitive incentives bought via dollars ? Well, it gets ugly in some time and you and the rest know that you can only survive by paying. Its not that bad actually, it is like an expensive subscription, after all someone has to pay for all these cpu high loads.

The story is nice, the graphics are awesome, the plan seems good but it is all lost when you realize how much time this thing is gonna take to do anything notorious there. Of course you can accept your fate, sit at a corner, and play the role “Who is the best Mayor in this ancient Simcity... but still, if you are going to do that, why donąt you get the real game (Simcity) ?

Lets not forget that there are players who do not mind time - they have enough -. For these players the game holds a special reward; as the game progresses everything becomes faster. Your resources are more than ever, same with your soldiers and same with your villages.

Now you can eventually fill the time while waiting for a building to end. You have so many villages to attend to that this 1hour building time seems like eating a snack to you.

Seriously, fellow gamer, does it worth it ?

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