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Omerta review
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Omerta Review

Omerta is one of the most popular gangster-mafia games in the internet today. It's highlight is without doubt its availability in more than 20 languages!

The game itself is based in 1930's. You start as a young gangster. You get to pick the city you will live and there you go. At first, your actions are limited as you can do few crimes which do not pay much while the rate of success is low.

Some of the first crimes you can do

As a gangster, you have a general rank for your character. You start as an Empty-Suit and you can get as high as Capo de tutti Capo (Boss of All Bosses). Now, your rank- title is linked with actions you can do in the game. As your rank grows, the more actions become available to you.

The game is based on real time. After you do a crime, you need a couple of minutes to pass before you can try again.

Small part of your menu

Besides your rank, you also got to obtain cash. You can use cash in various ways in the games. The most important is to buy guns, armor and bullets. These can be very important as you never know when you will be attacked in the world of Omerta. It is also good to learn that it is not difficult to die in the game. Although, you can be revived by a friend it is in your best interest to avoid death as you lose much of your wealth when you die. So you must strive to remain alive.

Cash can be used to other things, such as travelling, house or other possesions. One popular possession is to buy an airplane. With an airplane you will be able to travel fast and will unlock some extra gang crime options.

Part of the travel system

This brings us to the necessity of joining a gang (or family) early on. This can get you extra security and a couple of friends. However you have to select carefully. You will have better protection in a big family but big families also have bigger and better enemies.

There are gang crimes available in Omerta, but you will first have to excel in some other crimes first, such as hijacks. Gang crimes are a good way to earn extra cash, which you are going to further invest in buying bullets. Bullets are always needed.

Besides crimes & fighting, Omerta features various so-called mini games, such as poker, casino or slot machines. You can even buy your own casino or take one from others. There are more options available and generally it will take you a while to explore them all.

Sample Overview

The game can get pretty addictive; we spoke with some long-term players and they told us exactly this. For them, the most interesting/important part of the game are the gangs. We should add here that Omerta owns an irc server which makes it easier for everyone to chat with each other.

One issue that could be addressed is the necessity to input a 3-digit code for every action you make. Although this is something needed, we believe that it can at least be limited. Like a code appearing every 3-5 actions.

To sum up, Omerta is good value for your time, given the fact that you a)have the time and b)like this type of games.

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