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Gangster Nation review
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Gangster Nation Review

Game Name: Gangster Nation
Client Type: Browser
Genre: Online Mafia RPG
Time: Real Time
Learning Curve: 4-7 Days
Price: Free to play, gold membership + game incentives can be bought

Gangster Nation is a game where you take up the role of a gangster. If we face the reality, the games where you can be a gangster are quite many, so by start, gangster nation gets to compete against them, in a tough battle.

In start, although the start screens look promising, the game seems like many other games of the same genre, as the interface of the game reminds you of such. However, this is not the case.

In fact, gangster nation is quite different as it offers a wide variety of original actions, in an original way. A good example is the car chasing feature where you get to drive your car to escape from the police.
Apart from this, it has all the features that a gangster can do. You can commit crimes, like boost a car, sell narcotics, extort or kill someone. Also, a gangster needs some gambling in his life, and Gangster Nation wonąt let you down on this too, featuring many gambling options.

It would be good to mention that not all actions are performed in the same way. For example there are actions where all you do is a simple click, and then according to your character stats and a randomization factor, there comes the result. However there are also actions where you need to pick one or more options in order to get the right result. We are highlighting this because this is not something you meet in every game.

Of course we should not forget the financial control which can be important. Even if money can be a bit easy to obtain, there can be a difference if you manage your financial details in the right way. There is even a choice when you sign up where you choose if you want your gangster to be more into the financial business or not.

After doing your initial scams and getting yourself adjusted in your new role as a gangster, you will get to realize that you are not alone. Gangster Nation will show you that it is important to be in a family, mostly by featuring many things for those who are in a gang. So a large part of the interface is dedicated to this.

This is truly important and the players know it. The good thing is that players are happy about this and do not hesitate to mark this as the most interesting part of the game:

~I would say that its one of the best online games I have ever tried, pretty easy to make friends, and once you have friends you'll start rolling in the cash, staff are friendly and always helpful, and remember to visit irc.~ / buzbuz

~We have a very good community on the game, nearly everyone gets along with some exceptions.~ / Plainy

In regards to development now, the game is under constant improvement. This is another strong point for Gangster nation as the developers are active and helpful which in turn helps the players as their problems and requests are responded in time.

The disadvantages for this game are concluded in a somewhat irritating human confirmation box that appears frequently, in order for the game to determine the humans from bots. Perhaps the developers could thing a way out of this. The second disadvantage has to do with paying members being able to get an advantage over non-paying ones. Although we have to admit that this situation seems to be under control and non-paying members seem to have the chance to challenge for the top.

Finally, some statistics for this game as per January 2008:
~The average age of the players is 14-16 years old, but of course higher age players are also into this while there has been an increase to higher age players lately.
~Players online are rarely below 50 while the usual is around 90-100.
~There are around 3000 players registered while the active ones are around 1000.
~The game is experiencing an increased growth over the past 2 months, perhaps crops of the continued development.

Overall, Gangster Nation is a good pick for someone who seeks an online mafia. The prospect of a thriving community is perhaps the most delicious part of the offer while the game features will keep you interested enough. This game can sure prove better from other, much more advertised similar games.

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