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Supremacy 1914 review
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Supremacy 1914 Review

Game Name: Supremacy 1914
Client Type: Browser, Java
Genre: Strategy Conquest
Time: Real Time
Learning Curve: 1 Day
Price: Free to play / Optional premium in-game advantages

Supremacy 1914 is a game set in the World War I time. At first, you will need a browser from which you will create your initial account. Afterwards, in order to play, you will need Java platform which allows execution of programs written in Java programming language. The platform can be downloaded for free and the size is about 10MB.

Once you got Java working on your machine you will be able to join games of Supremacy 1914 which are created by players for player. A typical game in Supremacy 1914 is consisted by 10 players and it is rated. Minimum players needed for a game are 2 and maximum are 30.

Game Selection Screen

Once you select a game and join it, you are taken to the main playing screen, which now opens in a new window, separate from your browser. The map is standard for all games and pictures Europe, divided in 18 Countries and those in a total of 163 provinces. As you enter the game, you are automatically given the control of a country, except if you are a premium user where you get to pick your country (only if game setup allows it).

Initial Screen

You are given full control of your countryís fate. You are able to take decisions such as, military recruitment, province build up, diplomacy, military movement, resources production and trading and finally Espionage. Every big event is recorded in the Daily European which is a neat way to display latest news in the game. Players are also able to contribute to the newspaper by writing their own articles.

A typical game will require many days to finish. During this time, every player tries the best for the country he is managing, aiming for domination. At times, inactive players will be kicked out so other players can take their place, so the game can continue normally.

Province Details Screen

The highlights are firstly the environment which is well promoted by the carefully selected graphics. The whole setup makes you think you are really into 1914 and taking decisions for your country.

Another highlight is the strategy when moving your troops. If you have played Risk (the board game), you will find that the game map structure is much similar to it. This enhances strategy and players have to be very careful as war may not always be declared; Surprise attacks are pretty common.

Nation Details Screen

The graphics are nothing special but still they are enough. Perhaps some improvements could be made into the moving units on the map which are currently represented by a single pin stick.

The game has no sound and perhaps this is something to consider as this is not a classic browser game. Perhaps with an extra download players could download some music files. It would further enhance the environment.

The interface is not perfect and certain weaknesses have to do with the amount of precision you got to have at times. However it quickly becomes familiar and all you got to do is to try and have some patience.

Personal Progress Screen

All your progress is rated with ranking points, which contribute in your character total. There is a series of ranks which you earn in your way up and these ranks are used to discern you from other players, a symbol of your skill and experience within the game.

The community seems to be noisily active and this is obvious by looking at the active games as well as the forums. We hadnít the time to actually meet the players but in such a game it seems that community can be a heavy part of enjoyment so always be careful with whom you team up.

All in all, Supremacy 1914 seems pretty interesting and will definitely be one of your favorites if you like this genre. There is also role playing going on which will make you feel at home. One potential problem can be the long lasting games but if you can accept this, then get ready for many hours of enjoyable gaming.

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