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The Reincarnation review
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The Reincarnation Review

Game Name: The Reincarnation
Client Type: Browser
Genre: Strategy / Kingdom Building
Time: Turn Based
Learning Curve: 7-15 Days
Price: Free

The reincarnation is based on the old Archmage, or better put, begun as a clone of Archmage but later on changed some things with view on better game play. Archmage was one of the very first browser games, a very smart and addictive game which eventually was ceased to exist because of economic problems.

So, in The Reincarnation, you take up the role of a mage. There are five schools of magic to choose from. Every school has its strengths and weaknesses versus the other schools. After the player has picked a school, he gets to build his kingdom.

The kingdom building is very crucial. There are buildings for geld (gold), mana (magical power) and population which represent the upkeep units of the game. The player has to expand his kingdom in order to be able to get more complex but better magic, bigger and better armies.

The whole game is based on an endless competitive race to the top, where the top10 players are considered the “immortals” when the game ends. The deep mechanisms in battle are key for this game success.

The interface is mostly text and can prove very complicated for newcomers. At least there are enough guides to help the newcomers or else no one would stood a chance.

The game itself is difficult too and it will take a long time for the players to realize how to attack and defend well. Eventually they will start learning but the road will still be long. Here is where guild take part.

Players team up into groups called guilds, except if the type of the server does not allow it. Guild play important role as the game balance can easily change if a group of skilled people decides so.

Graphics are inexistent but this doesnąt means much as you will not need them. Perhaps they would be only useful for a better interface.

Development was very stagnant some years ago but lately and the past one year (present time is January 2008) has been back on track with much changes from the developing squad.

Community is the start and the end of the game. Because the game has been around for many years, it has many long playing people who are pretty dedicated to the game. All in all the community can be a bless or a bliss, depending on your side but there can certainly be a good environment for people joining a the game for first time.

Overall, this game can be called a game. It wonąt appeal to many people, mostly because the lack of graphics and much mathematical equations involved but it will most certainly entertain the fans of such type of games. Recommended

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