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Reign of Blood review
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Reign of Blood Review

Game Name: Reign of Blood
Client Type: Browser
Genre: Online Vampire RPG
Time: Turn Based
Learning Curve: 3-7 Days
Price: Free to play + Paid Inceptives

Reign of Blood is a popular vampire browser game. It's constant growth has made a review of this game mandatory.

You start the game as a.. Vampire. There are currently no wrewolves in this game therefore you have not to care about these ugly beasts for now. Your main task is to grow stronger. You do this by attacking and killing other Vampires. You drink their blood, earn cash,experience and move on to next victim.

Overview of the City/main menu

The game is turn based, so every action you do, requires a turn. The game is also an RPG, this means you have to put extra attention on how you will build your Vampire. There are 4 primary stats: Strength, Toughness, Speed and Life. You can raise the four of them with various ways; through quests, special awards, turns, real money.

Here we suck the blood of an unfortunate vampire

You can also equip your character with a weapon and an armor. You can buy such from the in-game store with cash. Cash can be obtained from other Vampires (After you such their blood) and other game activites. It can also be obtained with real money.

There are also some extra selections, such as activation of specific powers, that grant % boosts on primary stats for a limited time.

Once you got your Vampire strong, equiped and ready, it is time to unleash your attacks. Or we should better say spam attack! Each attack costs 1 turn and you will need many per day to advance. Let's say at least 100 but more may be needed. Top player has 335 000 attacks and combined with his about 450 day, we speak about 750 attacks per day.

From here you click with your wheel every attack tag

Besides attacking like crazy, there are other things to do. One notable is quests (missions). There are many quests to take on and some are like puzzles. You can also spend your turns into exploring, a feature where you explore caves and find stuff.

The interface is not bad structured or ugly, but it is huge. There are links everywhere and this might be the reason that a lot of new players do not actually play the game; there are tons of players that just joined and nothing more.Learning the interface, is a skill by itself and surely the top players need to excel in this part as well.

Typical screen of Reign of Blood

First of all, we speak of a text game. So, for a text game, the level of graphics on Reign of Blood is above average. The best part is that the overall setup succeeds into putting you into the Vampire theme. There are also some nice images. There are however many poorly designed pages, that could be better.

There seems to be heavy development in the game and this can also be witnessed by the high growth rate of the game. Administration is active in this game.

The story is by default interesting, especially with the latest trend that has been created by Twilight movie series. One thing we did like in Reign of Blood is that it has many unique ideas. There are some basic things that you might already be used to, but there are also some unique features that add up to the story of the game.

Seemingly, one of the strong points of the game. Although we did not have much time in the game to actually witness it ourselves, we can tell that the community will be at least live. Perhaps interesting too, this is for you to discover. A live community is always a good step to begin.

Overall, Reign of Blood is an interesting game to join. If you are attracted to the Vampire themed games, you will like it. One thing you will have to surpass is the difficult interface. This should not be a trouble for the long time though. Reign of Blood has a lot to offer in compare with other Vampire Games as it has many more features. There might be an issue if you are not used to pay and want to be antagonistic in the same time but even in this ocassion, you could do fine if you take in mind that Reign of Blood has no rounds.

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