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Zorg Empire review
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Zorg Empire Review

Game Name: Zorg Empire
Client Type: Browser
Time: Real Time
Learning Curve: 1 ~ 3 days
Price: Free to play / Optional premium in-game

Zorg Empire (ZE), is an online real time strategy game you can play from your browser. The theme is set in a futuristic scenario where Empires fight for supremacy in space.

The basic idea is as follows; You start with a single planet, you build it up (mines, factories, research labs etc) and you research new technologies. After you have built your first spaceships, you can start the conquest of the universe by beating up your opponents.

The impressive homepage

Now, there are lot of games in this theme and genre and Zorg Empire is one of them. Instead of going an in depth analysis of how to play the game, we will just straightforwardly review it. If you want details on how to play it, we recommend you to take a look at the Starting Guide which you can find in the game.

We will only list here that at the current time, there are 4 available universes and each one is different from another. Each universe favors a specific user style, so read the specifications before joining in order to select what fits more to your style. You can always try them all and decide later.

This is one of the elements where this game excels; The interface is very handy especially for the veteran player. The newcomers may it find a bit difficult at first but this is mainly because the game is large. The game also offers an additional interface, designed especially for mobile devices; switching between the two is a 2 click issue! We have not overlooked the server speed which is essential and ZE servers seem to have ultra fast ping replies. 10/10

Part of the nifty interface

Graphics are this game's disappointment. Younger players will find them very poor. The game graphics are near to nonexistent and what we would call Old-School graphics. In this type of games, we need to underline that graphics do not play an important role, therefore the graphic rating won't affect our overall rating too much. Surely, if you are looking for animations and graphic rich content, this game is not for you. We will give 4 out of 10 for the nifty icons and the impressive homepage art.

Old School Graphics

Game development
This is one of the strong points here. The game is live for several years now and from what we have seen there has been continuous heavy
development from day 1. With more than 6500 player suggestions found on their forums, it would be fair to say that the player base is actively shaping the next development phase. We took our research further and we have found that dozens of player suggestions have became part of the game. The game can is in full production with little/no bugs/issues. 9.5/10

A Lunar Guardian, developed by the playerbase.

This game is based on a concept originated from other games. However, there are original ideas here, directly related to game mechanisms and more. We have singled out the best of them; Improved Interface design, non-aggressive premium policies, well-built universe configurations, few and meaningful technologies or spaceships additions, improved communications tools. Let us not forget some extra features such as the extensive stats and medal system and player progression cards which really give this extra something to the game. For all this effort, we will give 6.5 out of 10 here. A bit harsh perhaps but that's life.

Part of the medal system

Perhaps the most important aspect in this type of games is the community. A game of this type needs a lot of active players and a lot of online players at any given moment in order to survive. In this part, ZE proves really competitive. The game boasts very active public forums and it directly promotes cooperation through many means. It also offers tools that allow better communication, such as integrated alliance forums, shoutbox, friend lists, chat system, easy 1-1 messaging and more. Alliances are a highway here and this adds to the community value. 10/10 for the community part.

We have got a very good impression on playing Zorg Empire. It is advertised as a game where Legends play and this might not be too far from reality. It is a very challenging game where opposing players will ensure your defeat at most times. Consider yourself worthy if you ever enter the top 100 of any universe and remember that the top 10 spots are probably something you will never grasp. Generally, a very good online real time strategy for everyone and a definite recommendation (must - try) for every hardcore player.


Try it at http://www.zorgempire.org/

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