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Lords review
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Lords Review

Game Name: Lords
Client Type: Browser
Genre: Strategy / Kingdom Building
Time: Turn Based
Learning Curve: 3-5 Days
Price: Free / Optional paid Subscription with incentives

Lords game is a game where you take up the role of a king. You get some land and population and begin an effort to create the most powerful kingdom.

You can build your kingdom by building military buildings for attack, defense and recruitment of new units, build markets for economical growth and universities& libraries for knowledge.

You get various different units for your army while you are able to train your general. In battle, armyĘs experience plays important role and this is something you will be looking after a lot.

On kingdom management, law issues, new technologies and economical management will be the main issues you will face.

The game is pretty simple and wonĘt trouble you much to get the grip of it. Simplicity though does not mean uncompetitive gaming. In contrary, you have to take the correct decision at the correct time in order to progress well.

One of the positives of this game is that its rate is not fast, meaning that people with not much time can play it without losing turns. However, if you are interested for the top and only the top, you will need to donate something more of your time in order to succeed. But still the mechanisms offer a variety of different strategies that can allow anyone to play it competitively, no matter if he has 10 or 110 minutes at hand.

Graphics are this gameĘs disappointment. Although there are some, they do not help the game much as they do not add up to the right atmosphere. Interface is handy and easy to use but till there as it lacks any form of decoration.

Developing is not constant but there sure is enough administration while the developers tend to change slight things from set after set to keep things interesting for old players.

Community basis exists but the players themselves are not in the mood of much communication. Perhaps they donĘt have time as this is the game motto after all "For people who donĘt have much time to play"

A good thing is that the developers offer limited inceptives to paying players which donĘt seem enough to unbalance the game.

Overall, it is an interesting, simple game which however can provide constant interest and entertainment, especially if you happen to join at the start of a new round.

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