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Tycoon Online review
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Tycoon Online Review

Game Name: Tycoon Online
Client Type: Browser
Genre: Online Business Simulation
Time: Real Time
Learning Curve: 2-3 Days
Price: Free to play, donation packages available
Languages: English, Swedish

Tycoon Online gives you the opportunity to become a businessman online. The whole story is taking place in Sweden. You get to pick where to start (as in terms of places within Sweden) and your specialization (ie wood), then you create your company. You start with some ikrs (games cash) and you get to pick with which industry you will take forward.

There are many industries to choose from, like wood, oil, cotton etc. You can build factories where you collect raw materials like wood, stone, oil etc. Then you can sell these raw materials or choose to use them yourself by building processing factories like sawmills to turn wood to planks, oil refineries to turn oil to gasoline, etc.

But there is more as you can even build shops. Shops do sell the final product to the imaginary population of Sweden. We should note here that you have no limitation as to what industries you can own, you can own what you can afford and let us not forget about the land!

The land owning tends to be one of the most expensive parts of the game, so use it carefully (as you start with 10 zones of land free). Every zone after this costs, and costs much! It also seems that the state does not like you owning empty zones and it will tax you in case you do so.

In the race to own the bigger and better company, there are many other things you can take care of, like buying transportation vehicles to move your goods around the country easier. Of course, factories, shops and vehicles, all need people to use them. In Tycoon Online you can hire staff. Each staff has a specialty and if used on his specialty, he tends to work better. Different staff members require different payments so your work is to find the best and the cheaper. Finally, let us not forget that you will have to keep your staff happy with a series of actions, to keep their productivity at its best peak.

All these need cash of course and cash sometimes (or most of the time) runs low, really low. But do not be troubled; the bank is there to give you the loans you need, with the according interest of course.

But there is more financial control, if this is what to seek. Companies come along with shares, which shares can be traded with other people. Share values increases or decreases according to company value and ranking. Dividends are paid to shareholders from the company stockpile, which is increased when your company generates income.

If all these sound to you a bit complex, there is always your personal secretary, which will help you get along.

The game is pretty interesting. Quite enough people play it, enough to provide you with the competition you need. There are no direct advantages given to paying people, which is a good thing, considering how damaging this can be to a games competition.

The interface is mediocre, not pretty and not much handy (example, when you search for a good share to buy, a tab option by clicking the wheel would help) although it is simple and simple interfaces are always good. It needs some work in this department but given the developers activity, this is sure a thing that can be improved fast.

The learning curve is fast, the few times we stuck, we used the FAQ section which helped a lot. Also, you do not need to learn everything from day one and in fact you can. As game progresses more and more things are getting unlocked and this helps you get familiar with every thing on the right time.

Average age seems to be above 20 but this is an assumption. The community activity is mostly taking place in the game chat and forums where you will also find people ready to help. However the game lacks any option to team up with other people.

All in all, if you like simulations and business type of games, you will surely like tycoon online and it is extremely likely to let you happy. Given some key additions, this game could become even better but we certainly like it the way it is! Do not miss it!


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