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1. Aderan Wars
Build your own space empire and lead your nation to victory.

2. Afterwind
Afterwind is a free multiplayer strategy, playable entirely in your browser. In the best traditions of Risk and Civilization, you fight against rnother players for world domination on a real world map, with over 160 countries. Online browser strategy game.

3. Age of Citizens
Age of Citizens is a massive online multiplayer strategy game. You can register as a citizen of your country and help it grow economically, politically and extend its borders.

4. Alakrom
Alakrom is turn-based strategy game inspired by the old hex-grid based wargames. It features player-vs-players battles on different maps.

5. Alliances At War
Together with other players in your alliance you will be warring others as they step in your way. The combination of strategy and war is the ultimate challenge in Alliances At War.

6. Alpha Vertikan Empire 2
Browser based strategy game in space. Conquer the galaxy!

7. Area00
Take off in one of 40 military planes all with actual specs! Take off in a F-22 and fly against players or bomb your enemies with a B-52.

8. Asmandez
Online browser space strategy game.

9. Astriarch
Astriarch - Ruler of the Stars is a turn-based single player space strategy game. Build planetary improvements and star ships to capture planets and defeat your enemies.

10. Astro Empires
Astro Empires is a highly addictive Space Strategy Game in real-time.Play in a Huge Universe with Thousands of Players.Build bases, spaceships, research new technologies, form alliances, fight epic Battles, and much more!

11. Atergatis
Master the art of ancient tactics as Roman, Gaul or Teuton! Atergatis is based on TRAVIAN 4.4 and is somehow a atergatis speed, but with more features.

12. atWar
atWar is a free multiplayer online turn-based strategy war game founded on the traditions of Risk, Axis & Allies and Civ

13. Base Zodiac
Base Zodiac is no longer available. Try Zorg Empire instead at

14. Battle for Serios
Create your galactic empire and wage the ultimate war. Can you be the one ?

15. Bombwar
Online browser strategy game with nice graphics.

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