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1. Booty Master
Online browser rpg game. Take up the role of a thief, customize your character and commit robberies. Hundreds of items to steal and trade. Unique crime system!

2. CrimeBloc
Online Mafia Browser Game

3. Dark Empire
Become the biggest mafia Don of all time and lead your goons into war with other families or be a mercenary a gun for hire take out the top players the decision is yours good luck.

4. Dungeonmafia
Online Browser Mafia Game

5. Extreme Mob Wars
A free Mafia online browser rpg game, based on the Real Mob Life called La Cosa Nostra. Be a real Mafia godfather and have all the little mobsters at your feet.

6. Free Mafia Game
The Free Mafia Game is a FREE browser based massive multiplayer online game (mmorpg), based on the Real Mafia Life so called La Cosa Nostra.

7. Gangland Mafia
Online Browser Mafia Game

8. Gangster Nation
Online Mafia / Gangster browse game with intense financial controls.

9. Infinite Mafia
Infinite Mafia, an old school mafia RPG game set in the modern day. Attend the gym to train your stats. Commit crimes to gain experience, cash, and items. Commit daily activities to gain cash and points. Work together in gangs to crush your enemies.

10. Jail Lords
Think you have what it takes to be the strongest inmate in this Prison? think again! These Inmates are the baddest ill tempered mofos around. Inmates took control and their are gang forces brewing. So if you think you have what it takes to be a Jaillord?

11. Mafia Creator
Get your own mafia online browser game with Mafiacreator.

12. Mafia Returns
Online browser mafia game you can play for free.

13. Mafia-Generations
Online Mafia Browser Game

14. MafiaGangsterCrimes
Its a free mafia game and a browser game a mafia and you can crimes and mre! become the ruler and take over the world!

15. MafiaGangstersCrime
Free online maffia mmorpg game.

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