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Big Easter ticket promotion03/26
Pirates Glory moves to Version 0.902/23
Spring Treasure Hunt in Einherjar01/09
Big New Years Eve ticket promotion a12/19
Hunt power of the Gods in Einherjar12/12
3rd International World opened in me12/07
More winter promotions at GameArt St12/04
Winter in Holy War and Tagoria11/28
The Wild Hunt in Einherjar11/28
Four Great Elements in Einherjar11/21
Four Great Elements in Einherjar11/21
Einherjar Thanksgiving Feast11/14
New Einherjar Trials11/01
Trading boost in Einherjar10/24
Great fun with Halloween time in Ein10/17
Sacred Gifts in Einherjar10/17
Good time for upgrading and crafting10/10
Gifts for Einherjar Newcomers10/10
Tribute to Leif Erikson in Einherjar10/03
Updates for Hawkeye in Einherjar10/03
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