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How ratings/reviews in are generated ?
All reviews are made by our review team. Before we review a game, we play it for some time which is revelant to the game type. Our general motivation is to keep ratings strict while at times we may not publish a review too strictly rated.

Regarding ratings:

Interface: We determine how pretty and handy is the game interface. A well crafted menu is the key to this while anti-spam / anti-bot features such as human verification are penalized.

Graphics: The strictness of this category has to do with the game type. A 3d game will be judged according to other 3d games and not against a browser game. This is the main reason you can see a browser game having a better graphic rating than a 3d game.

Development: When we rate development we first judge if this game is in an already shaped situation. Regarding our diagnosis in this part we check what work is in progress. Most browser games need continual development so a high rating at this will at least let the players know that they are not going to be left alone.

Story: This has to do with the game background. Does it have a story ? Does it have an objective ? Is the whole game structure making any sense ?

Community: As we review only online games, community is very important. The higher this score, the more community activity you should expect from this game. Please note that since communities are easily shaped over time, we may be slightly outdated at some situations.

Overall Rating: Overall rating is the sum of interface, graphics, story, development, community and a hidden rating that varies according to game type such as if a game has repetitive gameplay, or if the game is in fact a clone or using popular features (originality), how badly premium features affect the game etc. - divided by 6.
[Overall Rating = (Development + Story + Graphics + Interface + Community + Hidden Rating) / 6]

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Zorg EmpireRating: 8.8

Supremacy 1914Rating: 8.6

Booty MasterRating: 8.4

HattrickRating: 8.2

Tycoon OnlineRating: 8.0

The ReincarnationRating: 7.9

Pirates of the Caribbean OnlineRating: 7.6

OmertaRating: 7.5

MobstarRating: 7.5

Reign of BloodRating: 7.1

Gangster NationRating: 7.0

LordsRating: 6.1

TravianRating: 5.5

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